welcome to this space

hello and welcome to my little corner of the internet. my name is ash, and while you probably already know me if you're reading this, i'll tell you a bit about myself anyway. 

i'm a queer femme and fibre witch who lives in the canadian prairies on treaty one territory. most of my time is spent with either knitwear design or natural dyeing, and i teach both of these things (along with other stuff, all through the lens of selfcare) to people who want to learn how to create everyday magic with their hands. i write a weekly newsletter and post on instagram pretty much daily, so my blog posts will likely be less frequent in nature and heavier on detail. i'm planning on focusing my posts, at least at this point, on the following topics:

  • travelling shoes (aka my adventures)
  • non-knitting making
  • the curation and creation of my handmade wardrobe

i hope you enjoy these snapshots into my fibre-filled world! please give me a shout online if you have any thoughts you'd like to share.

xo ash