travelling shoes: toronto and ewe knit

i’m in ontario for a working trip right now, and for the first time in several years, i'm spending much of my trip in hotel rooms. which, to be totally honest, is kind of fantastic. i love couchcrashing for a lot of reasons (spending time with people i care about, having access to a kitchen, having a "home base" that is actually a home, saving money), but especially for these work trips lately, i'm appreciating having a space to go back to at the end of the day where there is literally no one else i have to deal with other than myself. i can stack the mini fridge with whatever i want, watch terrible tv without feeling any guilt about not socializing more, and in this case, i'm able to easily get to everything i need or want to do because of how central i am. big thanks to mama t for hooking me up!

my trip is primarily centred around the create: now summit and working with upper canada fibreshed, so i decided to take my first day in town as a day solely focused on getting settled, not scheduling anything with anyone else and just getting myself nestled into the next few days of my always-busy life. semi-conveniently, there's not free wifi in the hotel rooms, so i can't even distract myself with doing loads of online paperwork (hurrah for pre-writing blog posts and newsletters in word ha!). i've had time to create a groove in my duvet, pick up groceries to reduce my need to eat out, work on a new design, and - the highlight of the day - get myself over to ewe knit!

i've been to a lot of toronto's numerous yarn stores, but ewe knit was a new-to-me lys that i stumbled across on instagram and knew i needed to visit. not only do they have beautiful yarns, but they also carry a huge range of fabrics, kits, and beautiful books. i love when networking coincides with hanging out around pretty things! caroline helped me out while i was there after i found the end of a bolt of a mustard cotton seersucker from merchant & mills i'd been drooling over for a few months and a super soft linen/rayon blend that will make the prettiest ogden.

the fabric selection is gorgeous, especially for a shop that doesn't solely focus on it, and has basically anything you'd want for garment sewing - liberty lawns, soft linens, cotton shirting...i feel like i need to come back in the fall/winter to see how the stock shifts. they carry oodles of high quality sewing notions (hello, merchant & mills kits), and have plenty of embroidery kits and sashiko supplies as well if you want to try your hand at using needle and thread. natural yarns covered a beautiful range of colours and price points, and if you're looking for good european wools, they've got some bases from isager (denmark) and jamieson & smith (uk) in stock at totally reasonable prices. i left with a couple skeins of isager's spinni, which is a single ply laceweight that i'm expecting to behave more like light fingering, in a berry shade that was dyed on top of a grey wool. i do love the qualities of dyeing over different sheep shades.

thanks to caroline for putting up with my camera clicks and meandering around the store! i'll definitely be back on a future visit. now if only winnipeg would get a good garment fabric store back up and running...