2018 make nine: handmade wardrobe recap

back in march, i prepped a bunch of blog posts for my 2018 make nine goals (split into my own wardrobe, home decor, and makes for dear ones), and then apparently never got those posts out of the draft phase! i was going to do an update for you based on the earlier posts, but i guess i’ll just write a whole new one. i think the most exciting thing to me is that this was the first year that i can remember where i actually felt at home in my wardrobe. it was also a pretty epic year for sewing for me! i learned a lot of new skills and feel much more confident in myself, so 2019’s plans (which i WILL publish for you shortly) will be focused on improving my tailoring and finishing skills rather than just trying to make something intimidating.

my handmade wardrobe goals this year were way beyond just 9 pieces, but i pulled together my plans into some specific contexts that helped to organize my projects. i also used seamwork mag’s design your wardrobe challenge to focus in on making a seasonal wardrobe rather than tackling everything at once. now that we’ve settled back into winter, i’m realizing i still have some gaps (emotional mostly, i think?), but my spring/summer/early fall wardrobe is feeling pretty solid thanks to this additions:

  1. my sophie swimsuit (bottoms so far…i plan on making more bottoms and at least one top next year)

  2. pj shorts (next up: getting a better fit on them and making a slinkier pair out of silk)

  3. arenite pants

  4. strata top (using organic cotton voile i dyed with lac and cochineal)

  5. a naturally dyed headscarf (for post-swim/early morning hair)

  6. gypsum skirts x3

  7. ogden camis x6

  8. so many handknit socks

  9. juniper and cedar

  10. bridgetown backless dress x2

  11. ginger jeans

  12. high-waisted undies

  13. hinterland dress and hacked crop top

i made more items than this, but these have really become my daily uniform. i’ve realized most of my non-me-made wardrobe gaps now come from items where having a serger helps, like tights, some lingerie (although i think some of this might also just be learning how to do better finishings on small seams), and more jeans. i also ventured into outerwear with an opium coat, and my goal for next year is to go further with a kelly anorak in waxed canvas. we’ll see if i get up the courage for that!

i really like the concept of #sewfrosting that closet case patterns and true bias coined, which is basically the frosting on your wardrobe cake - those items that aren’t necessarily everyday staples, and are maybe a little extravagant in some ways, but that just make your wardrobe that much better. 2019’s make nine list will definitely include some frosting. and then maybe i’ll start doing more sewing for others too.

what about you? did you participate in 2018’s make nine? how’d you do?