kal: slow fashion april 2019

it’s that time again! i run two kals each year, and april happens to be my more “structured” kal. those of you who follow me on social media, or have taken a class with me/chatted with me at an event, likely know that i'm particularly passionate about slow fashion and curating a handmade wardrobe and participating in the fibreshed movement because those are all steps for me to engage with my politics in an emotionally sustainable way. textile production and fashion as an expression of identity intersect with all the things i care about most - gender presentation/equality/safety, environmental sustainability, labour rights, animal rights, the list goes on. it's also a topic that forces me to constantly acknowledge the complexities and overlaps of systemic oppression that impact our ability to make decisions, which by extension is a practice in extending kindness to others and to ourselves. we're all doing the best we can with the tools we've been given. 


in typical ash fashion, this is meant to be a gentle challenge that gets you/me/us thinking rather than something hard and fast and inflexible to the realities of life. 

if you'd like to play along with me, there will be incentives in the form of discount codes for my ravelry store! share your sunflower knit projects with me (ravelry projects with a start and end date please, or if you don't have ravelry, send me photos with time stamps), and tell me where you got your yarn. eligible wips must be started within march or april 2019, eligible finished projects can have been started whenever but must be finished by april 30, 2019 (and you must still have something to complete on it at this point, even if that's just blocking or seaming). if you're participating on social media, use #skslowfashionapril in your posts!

INCENTIVES (good for one pattern/e-book):

  • 1 stashbust project = 30% off

  • 1 yarn swap project = 30% off

  • 1 reclaimed yarn project = 30% off

  • 1 project using locally produced (fibreshed) yarn = 25% off

  • 1 project using naturally dyed yarn = 25% off

  • 1 project using local yarn shop/locally dyed yarn = 15% off

sign up here, and follow along with me on instagram and facebook for ongoing conversations about slow fashion, making an intentional handmade wardrobe, and stashbusting!