slow living: sweet sweet grapefruit


summer is a time for delicious, fresh, and tangy flavours in my world. sometimes these can come in the form of local produce, and other times it comes from whatever produce is on sale at the grocery store. i bought a bag of grapefruits to make dirty palomas, but there are only so many of those one can reasonably drink on one’s own before the grapefruits get too ripe, so i decided to test out a couple of new recipes with the rest.


this grapefruit-poppy seed loaf with a yogurt glaze was the perfect option for clearing out some vanilla yogurt from my fridge alongside the grapefruits. it probably made the loaf batter (which i doubled so i had a loaf for home and a loaf for a family bbq) a little sweeter, which was ok since the citrus made for a tangier base. i didn’t have poppy seeds, so i substituted chia seeds and it was still lovely. everyone who ate it loved it and suggested making it again, so i’d call that a successful recipe!


one thing that i was especially excited about was using the rinds for candied peel. i feel better using more of the grapefruits rather than just tossing it into my compost pile, and it made me feel extra kitchen witchy. unfortunately, the bitter note that was mentioned in the recipe was too strong for me to enjoy the slices, so i’m going to keep trying with future citrus peels and see if i can figure out how to neutralize it. first test will involve grating the outer peel since that was where the bitterness seemed to be concentrated, so maybe i can store some peel gratings while i’m trying to make candy…