making: surviving the transitional weather with wool and plants

during my offline break, it seemed like the weather suddenly shifted right into fall from 30+ degree weather. which is great, because it’s my favourite time of year and this chillier weather combined with sunshine and a few (much-needed) downpours is kinda the best. however, my joints aren’t quite so stoked, and as i’ve become accustomed to over the past decade or so, autumn’s arrival heralds an ever-crankier set of creaky sore joints and angry connective tissues and even worse circulation. if you, like me, adore this time of year despite your body’s protests, here are some of my top tricks for dealing with the cold shift:

making: surviving the transitional weather with wool and plants
  • i knit a new pair of handshoes to get me through until late spring. they get layered under full mitts in the winter months, and otherwise keep my palms warmer which in turn helps my fingers to stay a bit more functional when the cold sinks in and slows them down (these green ones will be out in october alongside a coordinating pair for littles, both using yarn from julie asselin)

  • joint salve at the ready because i have unfortunately/fortunately chosen a career that involves tiny repetitive movements all the time. if i’m not knitting, i’m typing, and if i’m not typing, i’m squeezing skeins of yarn out under rinsing water. i use it as an ongoing remedy rather than just acute, although depending on the flare-ups it can help with those for me as well.

  • if my bones are really cold i opt for a hot bath. my body sucks at regulating heat, and if i get cold there’s not much that’ll warm me up that isn’t liquid. when i camp or travel in the colder months, if i end up somewhere that doesn’t have heated water, i skip the showers because i know i won’t be able to easily reheat my cold bones. i make a joint blend that uses the same herbs and oils as my salve for bath salts because y’know what, sometimes all the joints are sore and i don’t feel like slathering an entire jar onto my body (plus water is my happy place).

  • i up the hot liquids - coffee in the morning, followed by herbal teas, spicy chai, and hot chocolate throughout the rest of the waking hours. my ceramic mugs from my darling witch grace do a nice job of conducting heat through their walls without burning my hands (as some of my other ceramic mugs do - they’re for drinks that don’t need to be so piping hot)

what are your tricks for dealing with the cold weather?