this scholarship was established in march 2019, in memory of my friend danielle.

the world lost another bright light far too soon. danielle was smart, talented, ambitious, passionate, and intimidating af. we met because she came to one of my classes in january 2019. we became friends because of her spirit. it was hard to not immediately fall in love and awe with her the moment you met her. danielle was an incredible writer and courageous in the way she tackled life. you can read a blog post she wrote about our class together here. i wish she’d had more time on this earth. she left a strong imprint already, and would have left a bigger one on a world that needs more souls like hers.


how to contribute

the scholarship fund is topped up through the purchase of the crush hat pattern, which danielle was going to model for me before she passed. 50% of the proceeds of this pattern moving forward will go to the scholarship fund to support the expansion of danielle’s curious spirit in a wider population. danielle was going back to school to officially become a teacher after teaching in other capacities, and she would have been incredible. here’s to the encouragement of lifelong learning for all of us.

scroll down to learn how to apply for a scholarship and how it is applied in the faq’s below.

scholarship faq’s

who is eligible?

anyone who identifies as trans/non-binary/gender non-conforming and/or bipoc, and who lives in/can travel to a class i am teaching. if/when the scholarship funds reach a level where i can expand their distribution comfortably, applicants will be able to apply them to my online courses. priority remains with students who wish to learn in-person at this time.

what do i get as a recipient?

$50 canadian to any one of my in-person classes, applied to the class fee and any associated materials fees.

how can i apply?

please email me at with the subject line “crush scholarship” with the following information:

  • your name, age, and location

  • information that confirms you are eligible for the scholarship

  • which class you would like to apply the scholarship to and why

  • anything else you believe is relevant for choosing your application

can i nominate someone for the scholarship?

yes, absolutely. however, i will still need to receive an email with the above information from the nominee as well.

how does the scholarship get applied?

i will pay the host organization directly on your behalf in the amount of the scholarship ($50 canadian) if applicable, or i will deduct your scholarship from private/self-hosted class fees. scholarships are not transferrable and have no other monetary value, and can only be applied to one class (i.e. if you do not use your full scholarship on a class and its associated materials fees, you will not receive a cash balance for the remainder). scholarship funds that are not used by a recipient will be returned to the scholarship pot for future recipients.

how does the scholarship fund grow?

50% of all proceeds from the crush knitting pattern from the establishment of the scholarship will be added to the pot. additionally, extra proceeds may be added at my discretion at any given time and will be communicated to the public via regular messaging channels. at this time, private donations will not be accepted for the scholarship. if you would like to sponsor a student, please feel free to arrange this privately on your own and/or connect with them directly to register and pay for a class.

how will you choose recipients?

priority will be given to applicants living at or below the poverty line, as well as to indigenous applicants and newcomers to canada. please indicate in your application if any of these apply to you and you wish to self-identify. applicants will not be identified publicly unless they wish to be.

what if i can’t make it to my class?

any last-minute cancellations/schedule changes will be subject to whatever policy the host location has, so students are welcome to cancel a class in advance but if the refund period has passed, the scholarship will be considered used up. i want this scholarship to be as accessible as possible while also being respected and used appropriately.

what if there are more applicants than money available?

i will keep all applications on file, and as money becomes available, applicants will be advised if their status changes. all applicants will receive an email confirming their request has been received, and a follow-up one if they are chosen to receive a scholarship.

can i receive the scholarship more than once?

at this time, no. the goal for this scholarship is to allow a broader group of people to access my classes, so unless indicated at a later point, applicants will be eligible for one scholarship only.

i’m nervous about attending a public class if i don’t know the safer space policy of the host location. what can i do if i receive a scholarship?

as a non-binary queer femme who is very vocal about my politics and has a background in grassroots activism and theatre, i do my absolute best to maintain safer spaces in all my classes, and am actively working on decolonizing my personal practice as well as addressing how colonialism and other structures of systemic oppression impact the subject matter i teach (in particular with regards to ethical foraging as a white settler). that being said, i cannot guarantee a 100% safer space in any public setting, so if you would prefer to arrange a private class, please let me know and we can sort that out. classes held at my home studio in winnipeg will include my 80lb. dog.

more questions? please email with any further questions you may have.

the crush scholarship is issued at the sole discretion of ash alberg, and may be paused or cancelled at any time without notice if necessary (i don’t foresee this happening). applicants are not guaranteed a scholarship.