grassroots politics and activism are at the core of ash’s business practice. they are always working to further their own anti-oppression and sustainability education, and do their best to find a healthy balance between increasing accessibility for their offerings and their own stability. the following list are ongoing initiatives that ash incorporates into their business practices:

  • tiered pricing during new pattern releases - ash offers tiered pricing, typically during the first week of a new pattern release, to increase financial accessibility to their knitting patterns. there is a no-questions-asked policy in place and 4 available tiers available to everyone, operating on the honour system and initiated through coupon codes at checkout on ravelry. anyone is able to choose full price, 10% off, 20% off, or 30% off the cost of applicable patterns during the indicated period, which is clearly articulated through ash’s social media channels and on the pattern pages to help avoid any confusion.

  • from field to skin - ash’s side project is an educational and networking tool focused on strengthening and expanding the canadian fibreshed, and by extension the concept of fibresheds in communities across the world. through interviews, a producer map, resources page, and more, ash curates and facilitates a platform that operates on a free-for-all approach. if you are interested in supporting from field to skin, please visit the support page or contact ash directly.

  • crush scholarship - created in honour and memorial of a sweet friend that ash initially met during one of their classes, the crush scholarship is available to trans/non-binary/gender non-conforming and/or bipoc individuals wishing to learn more about the practice and joy of natural dyeing.

  • 10% off garment quantities of custom-dyed yarn - ash offers an ongoing 10% off discount for garment quantities of their yarn bases through pre-orders for custom dyed lots, because naturally dyed and ethically sourced yarns should be available to everyone at any time.

  • wholesale yarn support for designers - ash is happy to offer yarn support to designers and knitting publications at their wholesale rate. you can learn more here.