wool dryer balls (2 per set)

wool dryer balls (2 per set)


made with “waste wool” (fleeces or portions of fleeces which would otherwise be composted because they aren’t ideal for spinning into yarn), these low waste dryer balls will be your new best friend in the laundry room! skip all those nasty chemicals in dryer sheets and toss a pair of dryer balls into your dryer instead. they’ll last for ages and combat static without coating your clothing and house textiles in toxic chemicals.

to use: toss two dryer balls into the dryer and run laundry as normal. you can add a few drops of essential oils to the balls if you wish (lavender and cedarwood are popular choices).

purchase includes pair of handmade 100% wool dryer balls approximately the size of a baseball. variation in colour, size, and exact shape to be expected. there may be veggie matter still in the wool from the skirting and scouring processes.

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